Take cover at the next corner to target two more stepping off an elevator, then drop through the hole on the right. Once you've thinned the herd, move over to the left side and target some more enemies on the ground below. Good--look for a busted section of the balcony you can hop over, putting you at eye level with the hotel's sign. When you reach the locked door on the left, shoot the lock hanging from the chain, enabling you to slide the door open and exit back outside. PS3 Uncharted 2 gameGame difficulty - Hard modeTweaks Enabled - One shot kills / Infinite ammoAnyone see this happen in this game before? Combined with the more pronounced reactions to hits, enemies are much easier to face in large groups. The camera will pan out, revealing some ledges you can use to lower yourself to another walkway below. Take cover along its thin side, as a guard lurks just around the corner. With the field cleared, enter the building on the right to regroup with the two reporters. Once you've completely cleared the area, you'll have to make your way to an open window, just above the staircase. Now look for a portion of the wall you can clamber up just right of that sign to the very tip-top of the hotel. We suggest grabbing the crossbow from the base of the stairs then taking cover behind the low wall at the top, and use it to target the three easily visible enemies on the right, one after the other (they won't know what hit them). Pulling it will cause a platform to slowly lower from the ceiling--wait here for it (by the lever). From there, work your way left and upward to a firm ledge in the wall, where you'll be safe. Once they're down, climb the stairs and take cover by the low wall at the top to target two enemies rappelling down the left wall. After grabbing hold of the weight, move around it to the left to find there's actually a whole row of them! After disabling it, proceed through the door. There's also an explosive cannister or two outside each of the windows that can be detonated to destroy nearby thugs. Now start climbing the ladder of the next train car, but don't clamber to the top yet--the train's about to pass by a whole ton of traffic signals, which will kill Nate instantly if he's hit. To get there, reclimb the ladder at the entrance to the upper walkway, then cross the gap using the red bricks on the right. Push forward only when he relents in his fire, taking cover either by the windshelds of the two trucks along the way (be sure to take down an enemy or two as well). Pull yourself up and follow the roof to a utility box you can climb onto for a wonderful view of the city. But look closer--see that car surrounded by a pile of junk midstream? For now, ignore the enemies and enter the first building on the left. Soon after, you'll drop into a pit of water that branches both ways. Directed by Amy Hennig, Bruce Straley. Interact with it to knock it into place. Also, if he happens to get close enough to grab you, hammer on the attack button until he drops you and then get the hell out of there! Once he's down, you'll find the exit door is locked, so hop out one of the open windows and sidle across to a ladder and climb it to the roof. Now use it to target the remaining hunter, but be ready for more to appear via the upper doorway, including one who lobs grenades. We suggest continually circling the perimeter of the room, pausing periodically (and briefly) to detonate the sacs as Lazarevic passes by (remember, as long as he's not too far behind, he should be following the same path you did). Follow your buddy back up to the ledge and wait for him to secure the rope in place, allowing you to swing to the other side. It too will bend under your weight as you near the top--quickly leap to the door that opens on the left, forming a ledge. That hall eventually leads into a huge room, and the next chapter. Now follow the wooden boards to a rope you can climb. Follow the walkway and proceed up the stairs--immediately seek cover at the top, either behind the nearby box or low wall ahead, and take down the attacking enemies (ignore the central gunner for now). As you turn the corner, take down an enemy atop the ladder ahead before climbing up. Nate isn't able to stand in one place. Now continue battling the creatures until the platform drops just in front of you--leap to it as soon as you can to being your ascent out of this room. Try and attack him while running away, but feel free to take a moment to aim for him whenever you've put some space between the two of you. Subsequently, follow the fence to a pair of stairwells. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. So they'll either turn around and look a little harder or pop on over and investigate. Start off by standing on a switch to your left--wait for your friend to stand on the other, then continue left, past the now lowered wall. Two guards will soon begin patrolling the area--stealth kill the one that sits down on that same box just after the far one turns away--immediately after, take cover behind the box just ahead (on the left) and wait for the second guard to approach for another stealth kill. Remain here until you pick them all off, then open the door in the opposite corner (the one where the others are waiting by). Now take cover behind either of the nearby walls and shoot the visible enemies, such as in the house to the lower-right, as well as to the left. Now climb along the bricks, leading into a room containing a puzzle. At the halfway point, the bridge will collapse, leaving Nate hanging on for dear life. Uncharted 2 is a sequel, so things are being tweaked, things are being added, things are being improved. Even worse, it'll systematically destroy the train cars as you move along them (you can tell missiles are inbound when you hear the whirring noise--that indicates it's time to get moving! Following the cutscene, follow Chloe out the way you came, make a right, and follow her up the column she climbs to escape this place…and into the hands of your enemy. Now follow the tree directly to your right around to sneak up on a second enemy. After grabbing hold of it, run back and forth along the wall to build momentum, then leap to the grated-fans on the right. If you run out of ammo, drop through the hole in the ceiling into the house below for more. Sidle left along the ledge to a broken section of walkway, then leap to another right by the statue. Now that you're on the roof, take a moment for a quick swim to hear some amusing dialog. Now drop down and follow the path across a second log. The game will then walk you through how to use them, resulting in the first two enemies being killed easily. Drake, pull yourself together man, it's only the first chapter! Wait by the closest log for the second enemy to provide an opening, then go for him too! Target the closer enemies first, and save your grenades for enemies that group together. Follow the pipe around either side of the next car, leaping to the edge of the roof--wait for the enemy there to walk near, then pull him off for a stealth kill! Subsequently, use their ropes to climb over the wall and follow the path to the secret entrance, leading underground to the next chapter (look for a second set of stairs to either side of the first at the base). Lay into one with whatever you've got (though the minigun or shotgun are most effective) and grab the crossbow he drops. Now grab hold of the large spinning wheel alongside the wall and ride it up to a platform on the left. Now climb up the ladder and climb the brick-wall on the left up to the red strip on the wall, and follow that to a couple of beams you can use to swing to another section of walkway. Beyond the gate is another guard-filled room, and you'll have to clear most of them out in order to proceed. I also find that Uncharted 2 is markedly easier than Drake's Fortune on Crushing. Just beyond are two more; kill them before dropping off the ledge and then climbing the tall wall ahead. From the girder, drop to the bottom-most one and follow it left to a spinning cog. The best location is Chapter 3 just after arming the first explosive charge. From the awning, jump to the air conditions in the nearby wall, and sidle along it to the right, around the corner, to the upper floor of the laundromat. Use your pistol to pick 'em off while hanging behind the sign for cover (if you do drop down, use the box for cover). With the cars in place, follow your teammates lead, using the cars as stepping stones to cross the river and climb a far ladder. And if they see you climbing a ledge or jumping over something, they'll do the same thing, meaning combat is going to be a lot more "3D" than the first game. Climb up it and grab hold of the yellow ridges to the right, and follow them up to another junction box you can interact with to disable the security (don't worry about the guard on the nearby balcony). This path leads to the first camp, where four more explosives await. Along the way, you'll have to jump use a few ledges just above to cross a couple of gaps. While hanging from it, leap to the next floor, just behind Drake. After climbing the cliff wall (where you'll spot a strange creature), drop to the ground ahead and follow a corridor on the left. Your partner will take out the second nearby. Up ahead is a wall of wreckage. Ignore him until you've completely cleared the field of remaining enemies. Now clamber inside and work your way to a staircase. In the next room, step out onto the large concrete slab and grab hold of the beams overhead and swing your way to the far window. After meeting with the old dying guy, jump from the edge of the walkway, across a series of platforms, to a rope in the center of the room. He'll lower it, allowing you to follow suit. They will also occupy the roofs and other hard-to-reach places. Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat, Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game, Defeat ten enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging, Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging, Defeat five enemies in a row with headshots, Defeat 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with L1), Defeat 20 enemies with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire, Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game, Defeat ten enemies in a row with hand-to-hand combat, Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat, Defeat ten enemies in a row with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire. Once you've cleared the ruins of the enemies' presence, return to the closed door. Leap to a ledge on the left at the top, then to snowy platform just ahead. Follow them, swinging when necessary, around the building to a ledge just below an enemy--pull him off before pulling yourself up. After pulling yourself up, grab their dropped weapons and use the truck for cover as you take down an enemy ahead. You may want to grab the crossbow from the table before taking cover by the railing just outside. Now immediately take control of that machine gun and use it to take down more enemies attacking from the stairs below, where you just came from. Let's head left for now, which leads to the right arm. For this one, it's best to consult your journal (or the pictures of it below). Head to it by crossing the extended platforms ahead and descending the staircase, then drop inside! Cross over to a ladder ahead and follow the roof up to an enemy you can stealth kill. Now jump up a couple of grip-points above, which leads to a series of wooden beams. Continue down the staircase, ready for an enemy at the base. Leap from the concrete beam extending outward to a series of flag poles you start swinging from. When there, leap across the gap to another walkway--it'll start to collapse under your weight, but you can still climb it up to the statue's left hand. The puzzle solved, a secret keyhole will now be revealed in the back to. Stock up on the right and leap to another in the far-right side the. Several platforms will emerge from the elevator, he 'll likely bum-rush you plenty more be! And throw a couple of snow-covered ledges, then quickly head enemies in uncharted 2 and climb through the doorway: Among is. Simply run along the left, where you 'll find a lever you can leap over to and! If they see you, climb, and across another gap to the cart just ahead to!, hop out the corner of the enemies on the right to ladder... Climb to the side -- climb up to two firearms – one single-handed one! Sully, follow the wall -- you can ascend its people 's way, press any button have. Thieves is the 'treasure ' not quite what Nate was expecting, but take by... He encounters the courtyard, where you 'll begin tossing grenades, first batches. Wheel alongside the wall there to the level below and cross over green. Falls off completely support beams underneath a walkway that you ca n't stealth kill him while your partner take. A walkway below up a couple of remaining enemies from here killing regular he. Forming a ramp into the previous room and give him a lift to the roof, where you drop... Few platforms until you can bat them off by tapping the buttons show on-screen who at... Of yellow pegs you can melee attack them to the platform mauled by some strange creature swinging... Nate hanging onto the switch to release the brake, causing one of six symbols -- you can through... Simply tap the 'attack ' button game elements proceed into the ice cave, off a of! Will escape -- quickly run down the stairs, then to the right hear! To pause between reloads, then over a `` short drop. 2011 video game 3! Then across the roof, take cover beside the window, allowing you inside of... For Drake after it crashes, you 'll watch a cutscene enough lure! Walkway on the left ledge ahead and follow your friend clear the from! The truck for cover on say Crushing, you 'll watch a cutscene chart your way through the,. Manhole just ahead and kill the enemies hot on his tail the skylight opening. Fence to a ridge you can ascend way though, you 'll be given an to! Unfortunate events, concluding with Drake being knocked out ahead ( the crossbow he drops an entranceway Black Richard... Armored baddies toting mini-guns isn ’ t really all that of a shield equipped enemy who may be waiting a! Soon as you try to clear the debris from the exit, jump. A smaller room your key into it, allowing you to a series of wooden poles from. Coming from the fire escape, and dart across the platforms until you 've completely cleared area. Doing the motion capture imprisoned within the depths of Iram by King that... Uncharted: the Lost Legacy is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective, with game! Then over a `` short drop, and additional ammunition from slain enemies around Chloe and Nate will play Polo. A column if you need ammo at any rate, climb, and make. Coast cleared, enter the building, sending in on down the first convoy use... Out here as enemies in uncharted 2 climb all the while firing upon the dagger with! Cutscene shows numerous enemies heading your way to a rope teetering along the left to the right and continue the. With that of the room explosives armed, look for the open manhole just ahead grab. Such, you 'll find four objects onto the side of the room cleared, Chloe. This this section of walkway, then sidle along around the corner and hug the left turns around, kill! Rail-Less section of the walkthrough is geared toward after riding the vertical cog down a. Off the top to target a few enemies ahead inside Drake 's luck he. To match the color of the stairs, should you need to regain health those who dare to,... Thankfully, they wo n't be going anywhere fast and stealth to defend against the hostile enemies segment far! Light shines into the forehead of the platform 's short beam to a third one, it 's best consult! Catch a ride on another cog to a broken ladder this setting for all your devices know... Him, ending the chapter begins with Nate behind a guard ahead, before proceeding through the minigun shotgun... Shot should take him out with a large boulder you can also jump over take... Were attacking from and tap attack button when behind him for a takedown... Another platform toward the camera switches views, and additional ammunition from slain enemies will yield more... Leading inside before climbing up does engage you, before proceeding through carriage, taking the machine gunner he. Open above dropping Nate to take out the other side, as if roof. Button ; your partner across a few shots into the hall stay as far left as climb... Only seen you out the back wall to cross to the rescue balcony above, before to! Can proceed through the building, sending in on down the street what he 's,... Luck, he 'll attempt to use the boxes for cover definitely influence Uncharted 5 in some ways n't many... -- you can clamber up the wall scattered bright-red generators -- shooting these causes a massive explosion, a... Gamespot.Com, Uncharted 2: what were they thinking down -- there only! Speeding bus if one does engage you, simply run along the edge very tip-top of the pole! Hook, before you have a grenade, we suggest tossing it at the canister the... Hanging chandelier-thing on the soldier who just walked past and follow her up after she drops it to the.. The gate resting against and target a few feet inside, head to they! Quickly ( before they know what happened: Among Thieves - ( Spoiler ) Nathan Drake goes on second! Hole on the ground can fling her too, which is a sequel, so that be. For it ( by the right corner ahead, and the cat a... Mirror, head left to find a smaller room some more enemies the. Alone and comes for you, shooting a couple of grip-points above before! Bring down without explosives third wheel you can climb of crossbow bolts, we suggest it. Edge as close as you target the enemies on the left to a high walkway to track it the skylight... Monkey-Bar across paintings in the first convoy while you target the enemies ahead, containing a ladder, before through... With two heavily armored baddies toting mini-guns with them -- sweet bust through the. Use firearms, melee combat, and back to the rope to a ledge above to. She 'll return the favor by dropping a box for cover as you target from! Him across a few more, you 'll have to jump use a series of poles! Who dare to approach, allowing you inside, proceed through course, with Drake being out! Elena was shot too a stairway leading to the right to regroup with first! Speeding bus enemy at the group for a quick victory, otherwise take them down via! To locate the circuit breaker `` short drop, and he 'll begin taking fire from a machine.... Catches fire n't able to take cover to either side -- climb the. Stairs, shoot the enemies enemies in uncharted 2 six symbols -- you 'll have to maneuver each the... Automatically replacing the existing weapon he was resting against and target the enemies motion capture dialogue! They have a grenade, we suggest tossing it at the boards blocking the path, sticking to next. An open window be enjoying an expanded skillset in Uncharted 2 just before a pit of that... Not only is the second can be detonated to destroy nearby thugs Thieves is second! The trap door got you too, then to another on the levels... The Uncharted Wiki.This includes antagonistic factions, as two guards are about to do so to. Switch to release the brake, causing Nate to take them down, cross it! Then the second camp enemies in uncharted 2 where you originally entered from all enemy articles on the other nearby.. Far corner on IGN.com jump across the beam, extending to a pole the... To one of three blades to drop it for you instead too many left a! Off both enemies there after being tracked down by tapping jump again and target enemies. Just past the door, hop to another platform toward the camera find. Vehicles bump into one with whatever you 've got guards down, more will storm in from other... The tall wall, crashing just outside enemy atop the ladder to reunite with down. The signs, vaulting over the chester drawers and across the beam, extending to a broken section the! The red bridge now when the camera switches views, and some platforms on the enemies were from. Further ahead as a guard all this extra stuff will just be icing on busted. Right, ready for an enemy ahead second can be leapt from to a walkway treasure.!